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Bathroom Building materials

1pc Gap Repair White Tile Descriptions:1. Ceramic tile pen is suitable for the beautification of the material gaps, renovation for moldy and material gaps falling off.2. With the wide application, it can meet the requirements of different ceramic tile crevice repair.3. Water-based environmental..
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Shower Channel 15*15cmNew Square Floor DrainSolid Brass Construction With Stainless StrainerBrass PolishedSize: 150mm X 150mmNet Weight:   739gFit for 50-60mm hole size.Prevents odour, unpleasant smell, insects and mice from entering the house.Top Inner cover can be easily remove..
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Product DescriptionDescription:The item is made of brass material, high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, anti-resistance. The shower drain can effectively avoid hair or something blocked the pipes as well as aviod smell and bugs, rust-proofing. Better decoration of your kitchen, baclony, hot..
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